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WIP: Infinite Justice Custom 1/100 NG Part 1

Sorry for the blurry pic… yes, started another round of Custom Made Project… actually started last week, but it was like… only 1 hour of progress per day… in this kind of turtle-speed I’m slowly crawling myself to get the head done… and working on arms and waist as well. Will continue with this slow pace as will not be free starting from next week until… probably end of October >.< never mind, I’ll slowly spend my time on this one… oh yeah, I like this color scheme pretty much from the look of this head… I’ll use it to complete this project ^^

Nothing much happened on this head, besides all sorts of sanding, I added a new “horn” for it 🙂 that’s it.


Update: I will try my very best…

Yes, since I have no other Gunpla awaiting for assembly in my hand… I guess it’s time to go for another Custom Made project to rework some of my old kit… often, I’d been wanted to do a lot of things… wild imagination running through my mind… but in the end, due to a lot of limitation such as time, skills, my LAZY-NESS, and etc… my modification will eventually ended short and things are just… seems like half done. Sigh…

Anyway, this time I will try my very best to modify whatever I can on my coming Custom… I don’t think any new kit will get into my collection for the time being as nothing much interest me for now. So this is the time where I can really focus myself… and bring my imagination, skills and idea to a whole new level… hope my lazy-ness will down grade a little this time ^^

Still in brainstorming stage… it will be a 1/100 NG kit… I’m looking for good candidate for the mean time 🙂 Hopefully can kick start by today or tomorrow.

Report: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Custom 1/144 HG

Well… even though is a “Custom”, actually nothing is changed besides the color scheme. This kit is not what I want to add into my collection after all, but thinking of to clear off my remaining metallic green paint left from my Astray Green Frame Custom… I decided to go for this kit ^^ anyway, in the end the green spray was not enough as you can see the knee psycho frame is in Gold instead… haha…

At first thought of want to pla plate this kit to make it bulkier… but in the end decided to leave it as it is and go for weathering… to be precise is “used” Gundam. I hope the picture can somehow show some detail as I can’t really control the lighting well to show clearly the “used effect” I put on this kit… the method is the same with what I done for Exia Repair MG… you can browse the Modelling Guide tab above for more information 🙂

Although Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode HG and Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka MG were already within my collection, I will still give a brief review on this kit here. Overall very nice build with all details of the psycho frame being highlighted in such a small scale… oh boy, I can smell a RG Unicorn coming… haha… posing ability is great considering that this is just a HG kit, the only thing I want to comment about will be the absence of BEAM SABER CLEAR PARTS and the lack of display stand. I was really shock when I found out no beam saber clear part for this kit… sigh… anyway, if you are scratch building this kit, nothing to worry you except the color scheme of the beam rifle and the clear parts beside the neck is out of specification.

So, back to what I had done on this kit. Beside giving a “used” treatment on all the parts surface, I’d also work out some dry brushing with silver paint on some of the area. The color scheme I’m using is white (original plastic color), Gold (Gundam Marker), metallic green (tamiya spray can), metal black (Mr.Color spray can 78), silver (tamiya marker) and Gundam Marker real touch black and gray (for “used” effect). After all the painting job, just top coat it flat and I’m done.

All in all, nice kit to be added to your collection if you found the price for MG is heavy for you. Hope you like my “rushing work + silly paint job + poor modeling skill + shitty photography skill” custom made here… haha… oh yes, feel free to browse the gallery. Thank you.

Review: Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/100 MG

Yup… here comes my review on the MG Astray Red Frame! First I must apologize for the “dull” picture as I didn’t really go and enhance the color through photoshop before posting as I’m too lazy… XD the actual kit is much more tastier in color. Anyway, here goes!

You will get Two Katana included besides the Tactical Arms II L! Well, this is something good, although the gold part is given in an ugly yellowish plastic, but with the help of Gundam Marker Gold, the whole Katana turns into a master piece instead. Anyway, since I’d already owned the Astray Red Frame PG, so two katana is not really a big hit for me. So let’s go on to the main dish…

Right, this is the thing that I spent my money for! I don’t like the Delta Form of it so you will never see any pictures from me with this kit posing that pose… the whole Astray is very well built, although I still think the leg is a little too skinny to my liking… the other thing will be the fingers… they are plain red while it should have been red and white! BANDAI should have done better in this… the last thing I would like to complain would be the strength of the joint… the shoulder joint is the weakest, and yet it still need to hold such a gigantic weapon… but BANDAI cleverly shut our mouth by providing us the stand for posing…

Too good to be true… an archer Gundam… yes, this is the one and only reason why I go for this kit instead of Blue Frame… well, Blue Frame maybe will join in the family next time, but not now. Haha… anyway, need not to worry about the posing ability of this kit. But do be careful with the V fin on it’s head… it feels like very fragile and easily broken…

Before I forget… there’s one last complain that I would like to address here. The manual of this kit is lacking of a lot of information. Why? This kit can pose this Giant Pincer mode but the way to transform your tactical arms into this form is not shown in the manual at all! A little ridiculous in my point of view for BANDAI to miss out things like this… All in all, great sticker marking as well for this kit, it will be something nice to be included into your collection if you are planning to get an Astray! For more pictures please visit my gallery. Thank you 🙂

Update: slow moving…

Yup, recently my collection starts to grow slower and slower… it’s a good sign to my wallet anyway ^^ Haha… Astray Red Frame MG already done… waiting to topcoat and take some pictures of it. After this will pause for awhile as no other new kit awaiting me to get them done. So, maybe it’s time to plan for another custom made… Haha… this time will really slowly take my time to ensure it is as good as possible within my skills limitation. Anyway, don’t think I will be that free as starting from mid of September until End of October I will be kinda busy with my work. But still, hopefully I can get it started and get things done.

So, other stuff that might interest me… hmm… PG Strike Freedom seems to be a BIG HIT, but MG already a GREAT kit, I wonder what else can the PG pull out this time. Next will the the 00 Qan[T] Full Saber add-on… kinda like the style… pictures… well, I think you can get it vastly through the net, so I’ll just be lazy and go on without them ^^ Of course Delta Plus is a “must get” kit… other than that, I believe I’ll just sit and wait to see what’s gonna happen next before deciding what to include in my collection next. Have to consider the space I have to pose them all as well… sigh… guess have to add another glass cabinet in soon >.<

Review: Gundam Exia Avalanche 1/144 HG

Finally get it done in a sweep of time… so expect to see a lot of untidy painting all around this kit… haha… Just kinda tired and want to get this scratch build done as soon as possible. Anyway, I had been trying my best to replicate the color scheme as original as possible.

This kit give you everything you expect from Exia HG box. Other than that, you get to convert this kit between usual Avalanche and Avalanche Dash. I’d chosen to assemble the Avalanche Dash instead. I don’t think you can switch freely among the two different version as it is not an easy task at all. Anyway, overall the kit is very well build, but I would like to comment on the stickers provided. I would say this is the worst sticker ever provided by BANDAI in recent production. Most of the stickers are not size accurately. Well, I’m not really a fan of using stickers, so it’s not really a big deal for me.

Besides that, I think it would have been kind if BANDAI include at least a Celestial Being Logo decal for the shoulder thrusters… as it looks so empty now. Overall a lot of tedious painting job need to be done as not all plastics came in the correct color scheme.

A stand is provided, thumbs up! The stand allows two different angle of posing, standing and slanting. For the slanting one, it’s a bit hard to secure the Gunpla on the stand as there will be some blockage by the “standing pose stand”… you’ll get what I mean if you have this kit in hand. Anyway, all in all, a nice HG kit, but still “it is just another Exia kit”… this is what people says. Check out the gallery for more pictures.