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Coming Soon: More pics on coming releases

Coming Soon: August + September Release & More

August Release:

Delta Plus MG, 4500 yen

HGFC Shining Gundam, 1500 yen

HGFC Master Gundam +  風雲再起, 2600 yen

September Release:

Gundam AGE-1 Normal HG, 1200 yen

HGFC Nobel Gundam BERSERKER MODE, 1500 yen

Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G MG, 5500 yen

Release date unknown:

Sandrock Gundam MG and Heavy Arms Gundam MG

Personally like Delta Plus… now need to think to get HG of MG as I’m quite fed up with BANDAI’s poor plastic quality and strength especially for kits like this which can transform… will not get the MG 00 7 Swords either. HG AGE-1 can be consider, despite all the critics out there, i still think that this is the only Gundam that looks ok to me so far.



Coming Soon: Gundam AGE anime + Gunpla

Mega Size model

September release, 1200 yen

Gundam AGE-1 HG

Gage-ing Builder Series (GB), October release

Gundam AGE-1 1/100, 2800 yen

1/100 G Wear Core 1,000Yen

1/100 G Wear Titus Arm 1,200Yen

1/100 G Wear Titus Leg 1,300Yen

1/100 G Wear Core 1,000Yen

1/100 G Wear Sparrow Arm 1,200Yen

1/100 G Wear Sparrow Leg 1,300Yen

1/100 Garfan 3,000Yen

Advance Grade Model 1/144

October release, AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal 600Yen

October release, AG 1/144 Genoace 600Yen

October release, AG 1/144 Garfan 600Yen

November release, AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Titus 600Yen

December release, AG 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Sparrow 600Yen

Coming Soon: GM III HGUC

July release, 1500 yen

Review: 00 Qan[T] 1/100 MG

Completed this kit for a long time, but just able to post the review now. There are many reviews out there which praises this kit so much… indeed I must agree that this is a good MG kit, with all sorts of gimmick, nice details, nice decals, nice design and many more. But, yup, there’s always a “but”… I must say that there are still room of improvement from BANDAI in their future release of Gunpla.

Before talking about those “but”, I must say I really like this kit a lot. Out of all those Setsuna’s MS, I think Exia is still no.1 for me, follow by 00 QanT, then only 00 Gundam. The kit is well balance, and the shield on the left shoulder do not burden the whole kit to slant towards left (most of the time). Other than that, great new joint design on the wrist, making it possible to pose for some great action pose.

Now, here comes the “but”. Too bad LED unit is not included in this kit. A shame I must say. Next, I would like to make a little complain about the leg. A slight movement may cause the kit to tilted forward and “crash down”. Other than that, there are many other joints that are a little loose… I know we can fix them manually, but after paying so much for a MG kit… I do think it is reasonable for me to demand a little more on that. Besides that, I found it hard to remove the two GN Sword Bit in the picture above. they are locked quite tight, and it will risk breaking the joint if I were to remove it by force. So in the end I gave up in removing it…

All in all, nice kit from BANDAI but not the best yet. Feel free to browse the gallery here or under the gallery page.