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Coming Soon: More image for April Release

RG Aile Strike Gundam, 2500 yen

HGUC De-Jegan (ECOAS Type), 1600 yen

Coming Soon: Some update on coming release

April Release

RG Aile Strike Gundam, 2500 yen

June Release

HGUC GM Cannon II, 1400 yen

July Release

Metal Build O Raiser + GN Sword III, 5040 yen


Coming Soon: Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sowrd 1/100

Coming Soon: Gundam Epyon EW MG

June Release, 4800 yen

Coming Soon: April, May & June Release

April Release

RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam, 2500Yen

May Release

HGUC 1/144 Dreissen (Unicorn Ver.), 2000Yen

MG 1/100 OO Raiser, 6500Yen

June Release

HG 1/144 GM Cannon II

MG 1/100 Gundam Epyon EW

Coming Soon: March Release

MG Wing Gundam 1/100 EW, 3500 yen

HG Gunpla Starter Set 2, 1500 yen

Update: C3 Expo

RG Aile Strike Gundam

HGUC Dreissen

MG 00 Raiser

Looks like there’s a weird part on the GN Drive for locking purpose while attaching with O Raiser…