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Coming Soon: Box Art Preview


Review: Sinanju 1/100 MG

Finally get this thing done… well, actually it was done last weekend, but it took me a hell lot of time to get all those decals in place… it is a whole lot of pain to put on all those tiny decals! But the end result is satisfying of course, as this kit bears the name of Ver. Ka with it.

Overall, this kit is really nice… despite it is a back heavy kit… but we will still fall in love with its design. A unique Gundam like no other. I manage to get the bazooka for it… so there you have it, Sinanju Full Weapon System!! I guess I do not need to tell you the good things, as everyone is talking about it all over the internet… and since this is an “old” kit as well. So I’ll just talk about some of the things that bothers me with this kit.

Hmm… well, actually not much to complain about this kit except the wrist joint is a little loose, and it can’t really hold the weapon tight, things get falling easily. It is a bulky kit, so expect it to be slightly harder to pose along compared to other kits. Well, I guess that’s it that I want to talk about. All in all, I enjoyed building this kit. Slightly different from the usual Gundam, it is fun to build. Now I can finally get my Unicorn Gundam accompanied…

For more pictures, visit the gallery or click here.

Coming Soon: November Release

Freedom Gundam 1/144 RG, 2500 yen

Coming Soon: September and October Release

September Release

Jesta 1/144 HGUC, 1600 yen

October Release

GM II 1/144 HGUC, 1400 yen

Genoace 1/144 HG, 1200 yen

Garfan 1/144 HG, 1200 yen

Gundam Sandrock EW 1/100 MG, 3800 yen

Coming Soon: Freedom Gundam RG 1/144


Watch this video carefully… Freedom Gundam will be next!

Coming Soon: Zaku II Mass Production Version RG 1/144

July Release, 2500 yen