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WIP: Gundam Astray Green Frame Close Combat Ver. Part 2

Nothing much was done recently… anyway, got a clear idea on what to do with the sword… so I split it into half… and also got an idea on how to modify the shoulder… just need some putty and sanding and it will done in no time. Meanwhile, still thinking what to do with other parts such as arms and legs… like not many place where I can modify… trying my best to crack my head on it.

WIP: Gundam Astray Green Frame Close Combat Ver. Part 1

Yup… really started to break my Astray Blue Frame into pieces and start sanding them down… currently still not too sure with what I want to modify, but I had decided to paint it in Metallic Green. So it means I will convert my Blue Frame to become Green Frame instead. Besides that, currently planning to build a “close combat version” from this kit… will see how things turn out… might change my mind in the middle of it 😛

So far I’m finished with the head, as I don’t plan to do any major modification here. I just throw away the skirting near the cheek and add in some panel line on the side. And I had spray painted it because I would like to test out my combination of color scheme. So far it seems okay to me, so I will proceed with my color scheme.

Black, Metallic Green, Light Gray (the spray can for my previous Exia Custom which looks more like white to me ^^), Gold, Silver and Metal Black (something like Gun Metal) will be my major color scheme this time. Currently working on the shoulder as things slowly progressing well so far… Well, till then… thank for viewing!

Update: I’m still alive

Yes, just to let everyone know that I am still alive here… today I went to town to sort out some business… and I manage to grab these two boys along the way… nothing new and special though -.-”

Anyway, won’t be doing these kits yet as I had said in my previous post that I plan to do a custom made of 1/100 NG scale model… yes, and I had decided to rev up my existing Blue Frame Second L… it’s not a MG so don’t expect too much out of it. But I will try to do more modification this time compared to my previous Exia R2 Custom… color scheme was decided, but what to modify… I still don’t have a clue yet. Anyway, definitely will start sanding and etc by tomorrow and see what comes into my mind by that time. Till then, enjoy your day fellow GUNPLA fans!

Update: New project coming soon

Well, actually been quite busy with my job… anyway, recently I got no time to go shop for new models… but will definitely go and buy some new kits… hopefully next week or the following week. Meanwhile, I’m planning to start a new custom made project… currently still in a planning stage, don’t really have any good idea yet. Most probably I’ll use my 1/100 Astray Blue Frame Second L as base model and start to modify it. But still don’t have any great idea that makes me go for it… still waiting the moment to come… anyway, will surely inform you all if I am going to really start the new project. So, stay tune for the time being and good luck in your Gundam project ^^

Review: 1.5 Gundam 1/144 HG

Completed last week but now only I have time to post the review here… overall, it is the same kit as Reborns Gundam, but certain parts are replaced by new design, such as the arms, some joints and etc. The posing ability of this kit is considered good. The color scheme is nice, and the whole model is closely build according to the exact color scheme. Certain parts need to be painted in gray, light yellow and black.

You can choose to convert between 1 Gundam and 1.5 Gundam for this kit. However, even though they provide you the sticker for conversion, but still it is impossible for you to peel out the sticker and change another one when you want to convert between the two Gundam. So, still you have to decide which sticker (red eye for 1 Gundam and blue eye for 1.5 Gundam) to use. Anyway, you can choose to assemble the GN Drive without the extra backpack armament for 1 Gundam.

Overall, nice kit from BANDAI. I know people might start saying this is just another kit made from the existing runners and just to cheat money from us, but still, you can see some efforts from BANDAI for producing this kit out from the factory. The only down side for this kit… I would say is the rifle. I remember that Reborns Gundam manage to hold the rifle firmly and securely, while this kit doesn’t really hold the rifle tight. A little bit of shaky feeling on that part. All in all, it is worth a buy!

Check out the gallery for more pictures. Thank you.