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Coming Soon: More pictures for coming releases


Coming Soon: Some update from Hobby Japan Magazine

June release

MG Gundam Epyon, 4800 yen

June release: GM Canon II HGUC, 1400 yen

July release: GM III HGUC, 1500 yen

August release

HGFC Shining Gundam, 1500 yen

Master Gundam HGFC Set, 2600 yen

Coming Soon: Hobby Show 2011 with BANDAI

August release of Delta Plus MG… must get!

June release of Epyon MG looks much more promising…

Shining Gundam and Master Gundam ar on their way to HGFC line up as well…

Review: GN-X 1/100 MG

Finally I have get this review done for this great kit… feel sorry for it as this is really a great kit, and yet I’m just posting a simple review with only a few pictures of the standing pose of it… anyway, a run through of what I think about this kit…

Overall, the balance and proportion for this kit is much better than the HG version which looks bulkier. The posing ability for this kit is awesome! Since it is utilizing the frame of Exia MG, you can surely know how far you can push the limit in stretching and bending the joints. You will get the beam rifle and the beam saber as well with this kit, and the beam saber is molded to keep within the knee armor. LED is not included though, but you can purchase some other LED from the market to fix into this kit to light up the GN Drive.

Seam line is minimal, and not much detail panel line on this kit. Kinda like the simple feel to it, and that’s the reason why I’m putting only a few decals on it to keep it clean. All in all, a very nice and special designed kit to be added into your collection! Browse through the gallery for more pictures.