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Coming Project

Just bought Cherudium GNHW/R HG, Gale Strike Gundam 1/100 and Gundam Exia Ignition Mode MG. Most probably will kick start with the Cherudium first before I want to try and put some effect on the Exia and currently I haven’t buy the materials I needed yet… will post all the pictures once they are set and done!

Update: 00 Raiser 1/60 PG

Check out this link for the latest and full picture review of the 00 Raiser model kit… it seems that this kit can really pose the Trans-Am Raiser pose after all! The GN Drive is connected in a different way compared to other version of 00 Raiser model… making it possible for the GN Drive to stay while the Raiser system rotates itself. Well, anyway… feel free to check out for the latest Box Preview of this kit and also some other release of SD and Van Savior Gundam 1/100.

Phew… now it is really a time for me to sit down and decide should I go for this PG kit or not…

Here’s a link of picture of the inner frame of 00 Raiser PG:

Preview: 00 Raiser 1/60 PG

I must say this kit is very well made in all the detail aspects… but same goes with others, I do think that this kit is slightly weird in the balance of size. The body is just too small compared with the portion of leg… maybe the leg needs to be in this size in order to support the whole weight of the model? Or is it maybe because it is needed in this size to house the GN Condenser in it?

The front and rear view of the model kit… as you can obviously see that the waist area, where the portion is totally distorted, the width of the hip is well greater than the width of the waist and the body… making it kind of imbalance. Some people complain that the waist armor doesn’t cover up the plastic of the waist frame… allowing it to show out obviously and it is indeed irritating…

Here’s a picture of comparison between HG, PG and 1/100… obviously HG looks the best among them in terms of overall balance and design…

Besides the imbalance body portion, the next important thing that annoy everyone else is the mobility of the GN Drive. The first picture shows the greatest range it may extend, reasonably well… the second picture shows that the GN Drive can be turn to the front and back… great! But the third picture indicates that the GN Drive can not be rotated at all! Which means your Raiser will always pointing downward and you will not be able to pose the Trans-Am Raiser pose at all! OMG! The reason why it is impossible to turn the Raiser system was because the way BANDAI join the GN Drive to the shoulder…  you should be able to notice it by looking at the second picture…

This is rather a personal opinion… I do think that only the Strike Gundam PG arms can really consider as Perfect… where it really mimic the movement of real human hand. As for this kit, it seems more like a up-sized 1/100 to me… hope to see more sliding frame and armor in this region… anyway, great mobility here!

Well, although the leg is over-sized… the mobility here is awesome… I like the leg to be separated into 3 parts joint (5th picture), making it to be even more realistic. The rubber mat on the bottom of the leg is courtesy of the technology developed during the release of Gundam Astray Red Frame PG… it makes your model to stand well on smooth surface without slipping.

A very well designed 0 Raiser here… very detail compared to the HG model.

Well, overall the big hit from this kit will be the GN Condenser technology, where it will allow your Gundam to hold heavy weapon firmly and retaining its pose… which is really a problem everyone is facing over the years… next is the GN Drive which will light up and spins… the sliding inner frame also has some new technology in it. Check out the videos below for more detail. So, does this kit worth a buy? It really up to you to decide. I’m still sitting on the fence, waiting to see the box preview and also some other new review first before deciding whether to buy this PG kit or wait for the MG to release…

Coming Soon: Victory Gundam

Well, I’m not so into this kit… but for those who love Gundam V series… this is indeed a long waited release of MG Ver. Ka of Victory Gundam… from the pictures, nice kit overall with all sorts of gimmick… but seems like a bit plain and low mobility in the joints… anyway, have to wait and see for the real thing itself first. Expected to be release on December 2009.

Coming Soon: GN-X 1/100 MG

Wow! This is really a news! I owned a GN-X HG version, hoping to get a A-Laws Custom GN-X but I just don’t like the HG version at all… Hope that after this kit, BANDAI will soon release the A-Laws custom under MG as well… then I will definitely go for it! Further details is yet to be updated. Expected release date is January of 2010.

Coming Soon: Gundam 00 The Movie

Coming soon on 2010… the movie of Gundam 00… hope it will be a nice one, and hope that all the unsolved mystery will be revealed clearly in this movie! Here’s the movie trailer and some snap shot of the new Gundam…

Raphael Gundam

Gundam Zabanya

Gundam Harute

00 Qan[T]

Movie Trailer:

Coming Soon: 00 Raiser 1/60 PG

It’s been a great news for the release of 00 Raiser as PG model kits… and it is creating a great chaos out there for all the Gundam Fans… not just because of the price and the model itself, but also the preview picture shown and those preview model kit that had been made and modeled… many voice and opinion out there regarding this PG kit. Here are the official pictures of this model, it is expected to be release on 27 November 2009. I will talk about the preview pictures in future… meanwhile let’s enjoy some nice posing pictures of 00 Raiser PG here.