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Coming Soon: More release coming!

April release: Gundam X 1/144 HG

Astraea Type F 1/144 HG

May release: Musha Gundam MK II 1/100 MG

Wing Gundam 1/100 MG

God Gundam 1/144 HG

June release: ZZ Gundam 1/144 HG

Gundam Exia Avalanche 1/144 HG

Update: More items stocked up

Yup… more materials were stocked up… masking tape, metal plate for mixing purpose, white surfacer 1000, thinner and 0.5mm pla plate. There are still a few more items to get into my hand before I’m fully ready to start my project… and if you do remember clearly, it will only begin in May… haha… because my holidays were ended and I need to start my study and my semester will only end in May… well, hope I can put up some draft of my sketches if I’m able to get hold a scanner… anyway, I’m really looking forward to sharpen my modelling skills now!

For those who will have time to model your Gundam, good luck and all the best!

Update: Material purchased

Yup… bought some material which I hope will be useful for my 1st custom made model. Won’t be doing a scratch build all by myself, will start from a HG model as a base and modify from it using pla-plate and etc. Wonder what should I start with… anyway, these are the things I bought: putty, sand paper, cement, gundam markers and spray can. Still need to stock up some masking tape and pla-plate… well, although many shopping is on the way, but I have to wait until around May only have the time to start my work on it… haha… so meanwhile just get the material and start to plan about it.

As I’m new to custom made Gundam… everyone who have any experience in using these materials or experience in custom making Gundam please feel free to give me some guides and hints as it will be very help full to me!

Update: Nothing special again

Yup… nothing special again… got 10 days of holiday but I don’t think I can make any Gundam models within these holidays… anyway, will try my best to work things out ^^ and the plan for my very own and first custom made model is still on going… hope the plan can be work out as soon as possible… well, soonest I can resume my Gunpla work is after my semester ends which is around May… haha… meanwhile will just update some Gundam news around this site.

Oh yes, Gundam 00 Seven Sword HG had been released… very well made and should be the “must buy” item for everyone!

Update: Nothing Special ^^

Well… really nothing special recently happened in the world of GUNPLA… anyway, GN-X is finally released but it doesn’t include you with the GN Drive LED… sad… I think I will wait first… really hope GN-X III will be release soon as already there seems like Ahead will be the next MG kit…

Anyway, will get 10 days off for holiday from my studies starting from 14 February… but I don’t think I got enough time to get my hands on any model kit so meanwhile there won’t be any new review from me… have to wait until May or June I guess. Well, recently got some thoughts of want to start sharpen my skills in modifying a Gundam… well… just a plain thoughts… still thinking… wonder things will work out or not. Will try to plan and let’s hope things can get smooth all the way!

Here’s the box art of coming release: