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Coming Soon: 00 Raiser MG Box Art

May release, 6500 yen

Was hoping to see TransAm Raiser Sword instead… or the TransAm Burst as box art…

Coming Soon: July Release

RG Zaku II Mass Production Type, 2500 yen

HGUC GM III, 1500 yen

Update: Hiatus and some coming soon Gunpla…

Been MIA for pass 2 weeks due to business trip… I hope that everything will resume back to normal soon… and I’m still yet to post my review for GN-X MG… >.< anyway, here are some late update on the Gunpla news…

May Release:

June Release: GM Cannon II HGUC

July Release: RG Zaku II Mass Production Type


Coming Soon: More on May Release

HGUC Dreissen (Unicorn Ver.), 2000 yen

MG 00 Raiser, 6500 yen

Coming Soon: May release and Metal Build

May Release

HGUC Dreissen (Unicorn Ver.), 2000 yen

July Release

Metal Build O Raiser + GN Sword III 1/100, 5040 yen

Coming Soon: April and May Release

April Release

HGUC De-Jegan (ECOAS Type), 1600 yen

May Release

00 Raiser MG, 6500 yen

Update: April Fool

It’s April, and I’m still busy with a lot of business trip… argh… anyway, I just realized that I had forgotten to post up a review on my GN-X MG… @.@ Hope I will still remember about this and get it done before I totally forget about it. NExt week onwards, I will MIA again for 2 weeks time… Sinanju MG is still sitting in the box waiting for me to get it done… and my wish list has grow slightly longer, but none of them are in my loots yet as I don’t have the time to go for Gunpla shopping… T.T Just hope that my Gupla life will be slightly more organized by the end of April…