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Coming Soon: GN-X 1/100 MG

Here are some sneak pictures… I want the A-Laws GN-X instead!!


Review: Strike Gundam 1/60 PG

This is my very first PG kit. I’d dream of owning this kit for such a long time, and finally I manage to save enough money to buy it. Strike Gundam, pilot by Kira Yamato, was one of the main Gundam featured in the early stages of Gundam SEED series.

This kit contains Strike Gundam, beam rifle, shield, grand slam and armor-Schneider. If you are looking for the aile striker, please purchase the Skygrasper + Aile Striker PG kit. This kit contains the total of 569 parts and it is extremely detail. To describe the assembly of this kit, I should say: the construction from bone to nerves and from flesh to skin. Yes, it is a perfect grade; of course this should be the reason for BANDAI to create such a kit. You’ll find a lot of joint in this Gundam, and it is all out of your expectation. After I assemble this kit, I make me feel that: actually MG kit isn’t really that detail after all! It’s hard for me to tell the whole assembling process here, so I’ll just write a short review about this kit, that’s all.

There are 3 die-cast parts in this kit, two on the knees, and one in the waist. Die cast part actually are slightly heavier than plastic, so they’ll give extra stability to your Gundam when you pose it. A CR1220 battery is needed to light up Strike Gundam’s eyes, and it’s not included. No stand provided in this kit though, so if you need any of it, please purchase the Skygrasper + Aile Striker PG kit. This is how they do business here. Overall this kit really “WOW” me… and I believe it will do the same to every Gundam lovers out there. Don’t save any of your ink to draw out the detail line for this kit, there’s really awful lot detail lines needed to be drawn. But please be patient and it will surely pay out after this kit is done.

Besides a whole lot of great things in this kit, there are still some minor problems which I would like to critic. The first one is about the thrusters. You’ll need to paint the inner part of the back thrusters in red! Since it is a PG kit, so I do feel disappointed that they didn’t made a red part for you instead. Next, most of the stickers are too large to fit in the small space which they ask you to stick it. So I got to cut them into smaller pieces in order to stick them up. It’s troublesome. Another thing that really bothers me is the color of the white part. I wonder is it really should be like that or it shouldn’t be like that. There are a few white parts in this kit, and they came in different frame. But the problem is different white parts from different frame actually have slight color mismatch. Some of the white color parts are slightly grayish, and some are extremely white. So when I assemble them together, it is really obvious and irritating. So I do recommend you guys to spray all the white part again yourself so that it will look nicer. Lastly, every parts in this kit has inner frame, but only the shield doesn’t have any. I do hope BANDAI actually do a inner grey color part for the shield, it would look a lot nicer.

Review: Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 MG

From the animation series Gundam SEED Destiny, this kit was released right after the release of Force Impulse Gundam MG. Honestly, I like Sword Impulse very much… that’s why I’d bought this kit and not the Force Impulse… yet… hehe… Anyway, it’s a MG kit, so basically what you would expect to have in a MG kit, you’ll get it here. This box doesn’t include any stand, but you stil can pose them with a special “stand” that they provide to you… you’ll know it when you see the box detail… you’ll get another palm which can hold the gigantic and rather heavy sword nicely… but still… you can’t fight against gravity… this is a down side of BANDAI kit which features big weapon… but the problem is still unsolved until now…

The main painting work is on the core splendor… where white, blue,yellow and red are needed to paint the whole thing into the correct scheme. There are other tiny bid of things that need painting works too… but all in all, this kit do takes me some time to finish… but the result was satisfying…  All in all, great kit with still rooms for improvement!

Review: Susanowo 1/144 HG

Well, this is the final Mobilesuit pilot by Mr Bushido in the showdown against 00 Gundam. Many people didn’t notice that there’s another Mobilesuit pilot by Mr Bushido called Masarowo, which is more or less same with Susanowo, but that MS is painted in red and black, and this is white and black. I personally prefer the Masarowo more… but I think BANDAI is not going to release it… so I put my hand on this instead.

It is a joy in making this kit… it’s totally different from any other kit in terms of design and the way to build it. The posing ability is quite good and only little painting works of orange, gray, black and white is needed. You’ll get everything you need from the box, even a standard HG stand is included. All in all, yet another well made kit from BANDAI!

Review: Z’gok 1/144 HGUC

Well, been thinking of getting a Z’gok for a long time… there are MG kit, Amphibious Set and also this HGUC kit. Actually been waiting to buy this HGUC kit for long time but can’t find it anywhere at all… by the time I’m thinking of giving up HGUC and go for MG instead… miracle strikes! I bought this kit from a shop with the price of RM40. A rather small box actually, very few parts inside… the assemble process should be able to be done in no time…

All plastics are in their respective colour, just the pink colour seems slightly too pinkish… the rest are just fine. If you don’t want to use the sticker, you may need to paint the cockpit in white colour. Although the movement of this kit is not as great as the MG kit… but for the price you paid this is rather a worth-value kit to own… overall, nice kit from BANDAI…

Review: Unicorn Gundam 1/100 MG

This is the first MG kit that I built since I’m back for my holiday… a nice kit that I wanted to grab it so much since the day it was released… but during that time it is way too expensive, now it is slightly cheaper, just slightly… but I can’t hold it anymore… At the very first when I saw the advertisement about BANDAI announcing this kit, it really amazed me, but it makes me wonder is it really possible to “transform” the Gundam totally? But once again, those BANDAI engineers and designer had proved their great ability… no wonder BANDAI can earn so much…

Well, back to the topic. Unicorn Gundam is currently a series in the UC calendar, under the novel series “Gundam UC”. The pilot able to release the full potential of the Gundam using the brain wave for a couple of seconds… something like “Trans-Am Mode” in the Gundam 00 series… the design and colour are really eye catching… first, ordinary Gundam will have “two horn” normally, but this one only has “one horn” on the head before transformation. From a plain white tiny Unicorn Gundam, this kit is able to transform to a gigantic (well, not really differ that much in size…) & energy bursting-look Gundam… a successful project from BANDAI indeed.

Since it is a MG kit, there’s nothing much I can say about all those almost perfect assembling process and parts. All parts are in their respective colour except for the “horn” must be in yellow… there are sticker provided, but it is in gold rather than yellow, so I paint it myself into yellow. Do take your time to enjoy a whole lot of suffer when putting the decals on, I suggest you read through the sticker page and assembly page together before every appropriate part is being snap on. This is kind of troublesome, but it will be a whole lot easier if you put the stickers and decal right before the whole part is completely assemble. Take your time to cut the stickers smaller, if not it will be impossible to be paste on the kit. All in all, I like this kit very much. A one of the kind master piece.

Review: Gundam Virtue 1/144 HG

A very well made and nice HG kit, if only you have the patient to paint all the appropriate parts (haha…) Anyway, the assembling process is simple, just the painting process is a bit tricky and troublesome. You’ll need yellow (GN bazooka, GN field), gray (GN bazooka & almost everywhere around the model) and white (GN Drive). Spend some time to read the instruction carefully before assemble, make sure the painting is done before you assemble it, if not you’ll face some trouble in painting them after they are snapped together.

Overall, I didn’t see any great difference between the 1/100 scale Gundam Virtue and this HG kit, besides the size and the ability to transform to Gundam Nadleeh… well, I don’t really mind that because I want to pose Nadleeh and Virtue out the same time, so I get this 2 HG kits instead of the Virtue + Nadleeh 1/100 scale model. Nice work from BANDAI for creating such a nice model.