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WIP: Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.F 1/100 MG – Part 4

Wings done… left only the Dragoon System… not much has been done on the wings… running out of all sorts of material has make it a tough job for me to complete this kit… anyway, other than leaving some seam line as it is and dropping some modification idea… overall everything is still progressing well… been painting this kit and I like the color scheme I used very much. Multi tone + phase shift concept… stay tune!

Coming Soon: Gundam Age-1 Normal HG

September Release, 1200 yen

Coming Soon: MG 1/100 Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G

September release, 5500 yen

WIP: Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.F 1/100 MG – Part 3

Leg done with the disaster of running out of primer continue… rifle done as well together with backpack… now only the wing awaits to be completed… still have no idea yet what can be done on it… some seam line un-remove on the leg as well as I dare not do heavy sanding on it… just some light job on clearing nub marks… sigh… anyway… things are going well so far. Enjoying the build, a total different experience with my previous scratch build Strike Freedom Full Burst… hope can get everything done as soon as possible.

WIP: Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.F 1/100 MG – Part 2

Arms are done! Complete with shoulders… and the rail cannon as well is done… but having some issue here as I run out of primer… argh… in the end I didn’t remove the seam line on the rail cannon… sigh… thinking maybe go get one primer and redo the rail cannon… or maybe just leave it as it is? Without the primer, what can i do with the wings? Hmm… tried to spray color directly on sanded surface and it is not good at all… will see the fine sanding mark here and there… sigh… struggling…

Coming Soon: Up coming release for end of 2011

November release

Zedas HG, 1500 yen

Genoace Custom HG, 1200 yen

Gundam Age-1 Titus HG, 1200 yen

Dra-C HGUC, 2000 yen

Zee-Zulu HGUC, 2200 yen

Freedom Gundam RG, 2500 yen

December Release

Gundam Age-1 Sparrow HG, 1200 yen

Gundam Age-1 Normal Mega Size, 8500 yen

WIP: Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.F 1/100 MG – Part 1



Head, body and waist done! Basically, no major change has been done on the kit. Nothing much can be done on the body and waist… Just some sanding, sharpening, prime and paint them in custom color scheme… Will move on to the hand or leg tomorrow. I will try to do a little modification here and just hope everything goes well and turns out fine.