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Coming Soon: Gundam Age Series & HGUC Box Art

Coming Soon: October Release

HGUC GM II, 1400 yen

Gundam Sandrock EW MG, 3800 yen

Coming Soon: Gundam Age-1 Normal HG

September Release, 1200 yen

Coming Soon: MG 1/100 Gundam 00 Seven Sword/G

September release, 5500 yen

Coming Soon: Up coming release for end of 2011

November release

Zedas HG, 1500 yen

Genoace Custom HG, 1200 yen

Gundam Age-1 Titus HG, 1200 yen

Dra-C HGUC, 2000 yen

Zee-Zulu HGUC, 2200 yen

Freedom Gundam RG, 2500 yen

December Release

Gundam Age-1 Sparrow HG, 1200 yen

Gundam Age-1 Normal Mega Size, 8500 yen

Coming Soon: C3 Bandai Expo – More Photos!

Gunpla Builder series…

More for Gundam Age…


Coming Soon: C3 Bandai Expo Photos

A rather weird looking RG Freedom…

Promising Jesta… and some other Gundam UC mobilesuit…

More 00 MG…

More GM… and more MG EW…