Modelling Guide

Modeling Guide: Gundam Exia Repair Mode

Well, this is not really a “professional” guide, so please don’t blame on me if there are any mistakes I made… in order to complete my Exia Repair, I’d used dry brushing and also weathering with the Gundam Marker Real Touch Brown… here are the things you’ll need.

1. Gundam Marker (gray, yellow, blue, red): they are used when modeling, so ignore it.

2. Gundam Marker Real Touch Brown. This is used to weather the surface of the model.

3. Gundam MArker Detail Liner. The detail liner is the first thing you’ll need before any weathering or dry brushing process.

4. On the back, Tamiya Chrome Silver paint and some brushes. They are used for the dry brushing work.

Dry brushing with silver paint will give you an effect of “scratch”, “scars” and “used”. Just like when your car bump into something, it will leave a scratch of silver color on the body. So this is how it works:

First, get some paint… (well, it is recommended that you pour a certain amount of paint from the bottle to a mixing plate than rather directly taking the paint from the bottle itself. But I’m just too lazy for that ^^) Squeeze out as many paint as possible from your brush.

Second, take a tissue paper and dry the excessive paint. After that, try to gently paint on your thumb or on a piece of paper to check is the brush ready. Make sure the brush is in “almost dry from paint” condition.

Third step, use some imagination and start brushing on your Gunpla! You can purposely brush on some flat empty area to create “scratch” feel, or focus on the edge to create some “wear and tear” feel.

And you are done! This is the outcome of my work on the Exia Repair Mode.

Now let’s move on to weathering effect by using Real Touch Brown Marker. Apply the marker along the edge like this…

Then rub it using a tissue paper according to your imagination… normally you should rub it in the direction according to the gravity pull…

And you are done! Sorry that my picture doesn’t really clear in showing the difference… anyway, on the left is the original part, on the right is the weathered part.

Dry brushing with silver paint works well in every place except on white color part. Weathering with Real Touch Brown works best on white part, but also works well on any other part with other color. If you want to weather and also dry brush on the same part, please weather it first before you dry brush it. Shall anything goes wrong, scratch the paint out or use this to remove the paint.

And the most important part… spray the coating once every part is finished with the dry brushing and weathering! Spray with Mr. Super Clear FLAT for a more realistic feel on the model. Spray with coating is important as it will protect the dry brush and weathering effect you just put on your model.

Well, that basically wraps up the guide for modeling Exia Repair Mode. Try out yourself and find a better way to improve or suit you better. Once again I must emphasize that this is rather a guide for those people who are lazy or lack of resources like me… ^^ and yet are aiming to perfect the models in our hand the best we can. Anyway, hope this guide will help out.