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Update: End of 2010

Finally, 2010 comes to an end. I’d bought myself a new camera, Canon Power Shot G12 as Christmas present… rather than the Strike Freedom Gundam PG. Well, mainly I dislike the wing spread of this PG… I’m not mentioning the gold plated extending parts on the wing, but the overall wing balance when it open/spread out. Take a look at the picture below:

This is how the wing spread of Strike Freedom should be, evenly spread out from top to bottom… while for the PG…

You can see that one wing is spread towards the top and the other wing literally remains in the original position without any movement, which is pointing downwards… it is really weird and not balance at all…


Well, other than this will be mainly the issue with the structure and strength of the wing. Simply search through the web and you will see tons of complain on the strength of the wing… honestly I would aspect that at the very beginning. As MG Strike Freedom which is small and light already have similar issue, the gigantic PG Strike freedom sure will be even worse… So I’m still not planning to get this kit unless I found a solution towards solving the issues above.


By the way, my Gouf Custom HGUC is completed… will post some pictures when I’m free to do so. Looking forward for the year 2011, wonder what great master piece will be released by BANDAI… and hope that all Gunpla fans can get better modelling skills and advance together to a whole new level ^^


P/S: Of course we will pray for lower Gunpla price… all the time 🙂

Coming Soon: Some box art and March 2011 Release

Beginning 30 Gundam HG

January 2011 release, 2200 yen

GM Custom HGUC

January 2011 release, 1300 yen

Coming soon March 2011 release:

Shenlong Gundam EW MG, 3800 yen

Geara Zulu Custom, 2000 yen

Coming Soon: New box art and February 2011 release

First up are the new box art:

ReZEL Commander Type MG

January 2011 release, 5000 yen

Forever Gundam HG

January 2011 release, 2000 yen

Next up, some latest news and pics for coming release…

Beginning 30 Gundam HG

January 2011 release, 2200 yen

Shenlong Gundam EW MG

February 2011 release, 3800 yen

Coming Soon: Gundam VISA Card…

Just when you think after the 1/1 Gundam and ANA flight decoration… Gundam got nothing else to do… think again!

First 5000 people who apply this card will get the limited edition of HG Gundam RX78-2… more news here.

Update: In stock now…

Yup… just stock up with Char’s Zaku RG and Gouf Custom HGUC… I will build the Gouf first… I think I will just do a straight build… and maybe some weathering? Still thinking… not much time to spend in modelling them as daily work is already killing me. Anyway, hope that I can get it done end of this month ^^

Coming Soon: January 2011 release

Nobel Gundam 1/144 HGFC, 1500 yen

Forever Gundam 1/144 HG, 1500 yen

GM Custom 1/144 HGUC, 1300 yen

Coming Soon: Sazabi GPB Color 1/144 HG

Special release, 2940 yen