Custom Made

Report: Strike Freedom Gundam Ver.F 1/100 MG

Finally completed… my very first custom made Strike Freedom Gundam! And my very first custom made attempt on MG kit! Well, it should be a whole lot to be excited about and there are many imaginations and ideas running… but as I’m running out of time and material, everything end up to be a little short from what I have expected… some seam lines were not removed… some part still looks rough after sanding as i do not have a surface primer to cover the tiny flaws… anyway, I still enjoy the build very much and still I like this kit very much!

No modification on the head and body. For the shoulder armor, I sand it down further on the gap between upper and lower armor to reveal the inner frame. I had also modify the top pieces (the tiny gold part) to strike out (like the PG Strike Freedom).

Next, nothing much on the arms as well, just sand down the armor to reveal the inner frame and that’s it. No modification on the armament as well. Everything remains the same as it is for the waist too.

For the leg, there’s more modification done. Trim down the armor on the back to reveal the inner frame… and you should be able to see the two tone color on the ankle armor. Using light gray and white.

No modification on the wing itself, but I had modify the dragoon units by chopping them down to reveal the blink blink inner frame. Nothing major actually, just cut down half of the dragoon units, sand them accordingly. Well, I was not able to modify the wings to become like the PG… this is the best I can do to make it shows the inner frame on the wings.

Alright, let’s round up a little summary here:

Gundam involved: Strike Freedom Gundam 1/100 MG

Tools and materials: Gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Diamond file, craft knife, cutter.

Paint and etc: Gundam Panel Liner Black and gray, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (flat), Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (light gray, white, silver) and Tamiya spray can (light gun metal, gold).

As what I mentioned previously, the color scheme is a mix of multi tone + phase shift armor. Light gray, white and the silver contrast very well, and light gun metal contrast well with the silver too. And the trademark blink blink gold inner frame was remained.

Here’s the link to the gallery, hope you like it!

Report: GN-X-1.5 Custom 1/144 HG

Yup… finally get it done (in a rush) after a long delay… anyway, the name GN-X-1.5 denotes the color scheme from 1.5 Gundam… which is purple and white. At first I thought of using orange or so, but in the end decided to go for purple instead.

Gundam involved: GN-X HG, 00Q Full Saber Kit

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Diamond file, craft knife, cutter.

Paint and etc: Gundam Panel Liner Black and gray, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Tamiya X-27 clear red, Mr. Color Spray Can (light gray) and Tamiya spray can (light gun metal, purple).

Overall, nothing huge and special… just do the basic sanding and removing seam line, but still my skill is not that good yet… manage to get rid for… only about 70-80% seam lines… anyway, there are great improvement compare to what I had done previously. Some noticeable changes are the extra hole on the knee, re-position the chest V-fin to rear shoulder, addition of Full Saber to the right arm and some pla-plate or thrusters addition here and there.

Main objective is still to remain this kit nice, simple and clean. Well, overall satisfied with the kit, especially like the clear red effect on the GN-Drive and head. And I always wanted to get rid of the V-fin from the chest… Seems like I had been doing a lot of unsymmetrical Gundam recently… haha… hope you will like this kit. For more pictures, visit the gallery here.

Report: Infinite Justice Gundam Unlimited Mode 1/100 NG

Finally, here’s a more detail report on my custom made project: the concept is simple, Infinite Justice is well known with it’s slim and yet energetic design, therefore I would like to try to emphasize on this point. In the end, I decided to throw the whole flyer backpack away as it gives a “bulky” feel. Now the kit looks really slim… but a little empty. Therefore I decided to build a backpack for it and also some new armaments to bulk it up a little, and yet still looking slim, sleek and sexy. Anyway, here’s the outcome and I am not sure whether I had reached all my objectives or not… let you decide 🙂

Gundam involved: Infinite Justice Gundam 1/100 NG, Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 NG, Gundam Astray Red Frame MG, Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/60 PG.

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Tamiya Clear Soft Plastic Beams (round 3mm), Diamond file, 2.5mm Drill, craft knife, cutter, clear plastic sheet.

Paint and etc: Gundam Marker Black, Gundam Panel Liner Black and gray, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (Metal Black, Light Gun metal, light gray)

Here are all the extra accessories I had included for this baby… ignore the rifle grip at the bottom as it is not suppose to be in here ^^ anyway, full range of beam effect parts are all here… at first I thought of changing the red clear parts into clear green… but my bottle paint is a little too old and the paint inside is not that good condition anymore, so I decided to stay original…

Attached the thruster from the original flyer backpack…

and added two more thrusters… the middle one is the original thruster

Here’s the gigantic sword I made from Sword Impulse’s sword + Astray Blue Frame’s handle

Details from the top…

I believe the changes I’d made are quite obvious and nothing much need to say about it as well… previous posting has also some info and pictures on it… so let’s move on to some posing shoots…

Overall, I must say I’m satisfy with this babe… although there are still a whole lot of room to improve on my skills… anyway, glad that it is done and the next Gunpla that I will make… hmm… probably have to wait for maybe a month or so as I am busy with my wok now… everyday… will still try my best to squeeze some time for Gunpla. So, here’s the gallery and till then, take care everyone and have fun with your Gunpla ^^

Report: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Custom 1/144 HG

Well… even though is a “Custom”, actually nothing is changed besides the color scheme. This kit is not what I want to add into my collection after all, but thinking of to clear off my remaining metallic green paint left from my Astray Green Frame Custom… I decided to go for this kit ^^ anyway, in the end the green spray was not enough as you can see the knee psycho frame is in Gold instead… haha…

At first thought of want to pla plate this kit to make it bulkier… but in the end decided to leave it as it is and go for weathering… to be precise is “used” Gundam. I hope the picture can somehow show some detail as I can’t really control the lighting well to show clearly the “used effect” I put on this kit… the method is the same with what I done for Exia Repair MG… you can browse the Modelling Guide tab above for more information 🙂

Although Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode HG and Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka MG were already within my collection, I will still give a brief review on this kit here. Overall very nice build with all details of the psycho frame being highlighted in such a small scale… oh boy, I can smell a RG Unicorn coming… haha… posing ability is great considering that this is just a HG kit, the only thing I want to comment about will be the absence of BEAM SABER CLEAR PARTS and the lack of display stand. I was really shock when I found out no beam saber clear part for this kit… sigh… anyway, if you are scratch building this kit, nothing to worry you except the color scheme of the beam rifle and the clear parts beside the neck is out of specification.

So, back to what I had done on this kit. Beside giving a “used” treatment on all the parts surface, I’d also work out some dry brushing with silver paint on some of the area. The color scheme I’m using is white (original plastic color), Gold (Gundam Marker), metallic green (tamiya spray can), metal black (Mr.Color spray can 78), silver (tamiya marker) and Gundam Marker real touch black and gray (for “used” effect). After all the painting job, just top coat it flat and I’m done.

All in all, nice kit to be added to your collection if you found the price for MG is heavy for you. Hope you like my “rushing work + silly paint job + poor modeling skill + shitty photography skill” custom made here… haha… oh yes, feel free to browse the gallery. Thank you.

Report: Gundam Astray Green Frame Close Combat Ver. 1/100 NG

It’s been a long whole month… and finally it is done! Although there are many other things which I wish to do on this kit, but due to many reasons… I’d decided to skip them. Still there are a whole lot of room for improvement, but for now, this is what I had done and hope you guys will like it.

Gundam involved: Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L 1/100, Gundam Astray Red Frame HG, Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom 1/100 MG, Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/60 PG.

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Tamiya Clear Soft Plastic Beams (round 3mm), Diamond file, 2.5mm Drill, craft knife, cutter, clear plastic sheet.

Paint and etc: Gundam Marker Black & Gold, Gundam Panel Liner Black, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (Metallic Green, Steel, Light Gray, Black)

For the Red Frame MG and PG, a few pieces of their clear parts were used in order to boost up my kit here, while the base kit is actually the NG 1/100 Blue Frame. And here’s the final product…

First Form…

Second Form…

Here’s a brief introduction towards the modification I’d done. First, the head. Nothing major here except throwing the skirting around the cheek and added a panel line on the side of the head.

Next, the body actually got no major modification, just from change in color scheme. For the shoulder, I would say this is the most obvious changed part throughout the kit. The skirting close to the body is thrown away, follow by the top plate and rear plate. In exchange, the thrusters on the sword were moved here, besides adding some pla-plate and also some extra pieces of plastic to bold up the shoulder.

Nothing major for the arms as well. Just change in color scheme. As for the waist, the only noticeable change will be the shift of the dagger from leg to the waist. Besides that, the black skirting at the back was cut short on both left and right side to accommodate the  present of the dagger. The black skirting also modified with extra piping. As for the backpack, you can see from the picture above that I had thrown away the sword supporting part and replaced with the new part I get from Astray Red Frame HG. This will allow smooth movement for the sword when it is attached to the back in Second form.

For the leg… some extra pieces were attached to it to make it look bulker, and I had thrown the existing part below the knee and replaced with silver piping. Other than that, the original hidden dagger under the leg was replaced with beam saber. The front skirting for the ankle was thrown away as well.

Well, last but not least, the sword. Just break it into two separate pieces and that’s it. Refined with some pla-plate and added new joint to allow it to attach to the arms.

Well, I guess I had more or less wrapped up the modification project. Well, you will get a better idea on it if you can compare it with a 1/100 NG Blue Frame, but sadly I’d forgotten to take picture of it before my conversion… sorry for that. Anyway, feel free to browse more pictures in the gallery and till then, I have to take some rest first as I’m not really feeling well these few days… T.T still there are many flaws which you can observe clearly through the pictures, will do my best to work better next time. Meanwhile, hope you guys enjoy some pictures here.

Report: Gundam Exia R2 Seven Sword Custom 1/144 HG

Just assume that this kit is a prototype mobile suit for Gundam 00 Seven Sword and Gundam 00 QanT… therefore I’ll just named it as it is now. Well, generally it took me 1 whole week to get this thing done. Working hours is about 5 hours to 6 hours each day… all the skills involve here… they are all new to me except sanding. Anyway, it’s good to learn something new. Here’s a list of material used:

Gundam involved: Gundam Exia R2 1/144 HG, Gundam Exia 1/144 HG, Destiny Gundam 1/144 HG, Mobile Pod Ball 1/100 MG, Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/60 PG, Hobby Japan XN-Raiser transformation pack

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Tamiya Clear Soft Plastic Beams (round 3mm), Diamond file, 2.5mm Drill, craft knife, cutter, clear plastic sheet

Paint and etc: Gundam Marker Black, Gundam Panel Liner Black & Grey, Mr. Color Thinner, Mr. Color Clear Green bottle paint, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (Steel, Light Gray, Black)

It sure sounds like a big chaos for involving so many Gunpla right? Haha… well, I only use a piece of two from the plastics of Mobile Pod Ball, Astray Red Frame and Destiny Gundam. Exia R2 and XN-Raiser are the main thing used in this project. Here’s an overview of my custom made Exia R2.

I use the clear part of beam saber from other kit, since Exia beam saber is actually a whole piece of white plastic. Next, I made the extra XN sword with a palm gripping it. I had sticked them nicely together so that the weapon will not get loose from the hand during posing. And finally another extra fist for holding other things… beam saber most probably.

Here’s a comparison between my model and original Exia R2. Starting from the bottom, I changed the color scheme for the leg, and I shaved the part right below the knee to review the inner frame of the leg… try to observe and you will see that original leg has a grey stripe in front of the leg right below the knee, which is very obvious and stand out, but for my kit I had throw that part away. A part from XN Raiser is added on top of the knee armor as shown in picture label 1. Just cement both part together and use putty to cover it nicely. There are some scratch mark on the knee which is due to my mistake in sanding T.T Next, I added the thrusters of Destiny Gundam onto Exia’s thrusters as shown in label 2. Just cut out the part from Destiny, sand it into appropriate size and cement it. For the socket near the waist, since I want to put the GN Blade, so I’m using Exia’s socket instead of R2’s socket. All frames and joints are in Steel color, white silver, black ad light gray hit the rest.

Label 3 indicates the Duo-GN Sowrd. I got one extra Exia GN Sword as I had transformed my Exia into Astraea last time with the conversion kit from Dengeki Hobby. At first I want to create only one beam rifle and 2 swords… but due to limitation of skills =.=” I ended sticking the two rifle together, put a layer of putty and sand them. Then the swords were sprayed with steel color and one is painted with silver as well to create MG-like GN sword. For the shield, I added a soft rubber (PS) part to increase the strength of the connection between shield and rifle. I also cut off the part which increase the gap between the shield and the rifle, therefore my shield now stick directly to the rifle.

Label 4 shows the slightly modified shoulder armor. Inside the shoulder, there are visible seam line. Although it may not be that visible when the arm is posing, but still I’d put a pla plate in to cover it. For the exterior, I’d added a silver detail part at the front as you can see from the picture. That is a part I get from Astray Red Frame. Some pieces of the clear parts I received last time around and I didn’t use it, so I just use them here instead. About the seam line on the shoulder, refer to the picture of the original R2 below for a clearer idea on what’s going on.

Red line and yellow line indicate the most obvious seam line. Green line will not be visible after assembly. So, for yellow seam line, I simply add another stripe on the opposite side as shown in label 5… therefore you won’t notice it is a panel line or seam line anymore! as for the read seam line, I shave down a little on both side, creating a “drain-like” mecha-detail, therefore manage to make the seam line become less visible as well as shown in label 6.

The beam saber is keep on the left hand elbow area. An extra part from the XN-Raiser is use to increase the distance between the beam saber holder (from Exia) and left hand as shown in label 7. Due to the need of this mechanism, the arm used here is Exia’s arm instead of R2’s arm. Label 7 also indicate the extra detail part I added on the “cut-short” shield. That part is from Mobile Pod Ball. Label 8 shows the modified shield. Generally I just cut the top part away and added a clear green plastic and a piece of pla-plate to clip the clear green part onto the shield. Therefore, my “Shield-Sword” is borned! Label 9 indicate the difference of waist rear skirting between my custom and original R2. The only changes I made is making the red orb larger. This is done by attaching the yellow orb of Destiny’s shield on it.

Next, take a look at the mechanism added on the right shoulder for the XN-Sword. It is a very simple mechanism though. First, I stick a pla plate on the top of the shoulder. Then I drill a hole on the pla plate. Then the first part from the XN- Raiser kit is join by using the plastic round beam and secure on the shoulder. Next, the holder for the XN-Sword is originally in the shape. but in order to attach it to the part on the shoulder, I shave some of the plastic away and put in a soft rubber part (PS) as well. In the end, the whole mechanism manage to turn as shown by the red circle.

Beside the rear skirting modification, the front also received some treatment as well. The front skirting is removed, but I’m kinda regret doing so as it exposed the waist clearly… well, never mind then. Next, I added a panel line for the waist central… just like the one in Gundam 00 QanT. Finally, because I can’t find the red orb for the front waist… (wonder where I lost it…) so I use another part from Astray Red Frame instead. Just stick it on and paint it… done. notice I’d remove the seam line on the leg? But the surface is still a little bit rough… And I also painted the arm joint in silver for some area.

Sorry if some of my explanation is not that clear. Feel free to ask any question or give any suggestion on how to solve the problems on my kit and how to improve it. Anyway, this is it… my very first custom made… will try on 1/100 kit next time when I have the mood and idea to do so ^^ till then, I’m off for my vacation and the Gallery will up for all my collections as soon as I sharpen my photography skills a bit and once I get hold on a better camera 🙂

Here’s some snaps of action pose (all images click on it to enlarge):

Posing with the Duo-GN Sowrd

Posing with the GN Shield-Sword

The XN-Sword can turn to the front and act as shield as well

Posing with the XN-Sword