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Update: MIA again

Sorry for missing in action again… started my working life and been busy all the time. Anyway, just bought the 1.5 Gundam HG model… will try to get it done when I got time to spare… just scratch build will do. When my life started to settle down, maybe I will try a custom made 1/100 model… depends.

Anyway, some Gundam had been released these few days… Avalanche Exia Dash seems promising… might get my hahds on it soon. Besides that, Gundam RX78-2 RG is coming soon… also looking forward for it’s release.

Update: Gallery completed

I think I had completed the gallery for all my Gunpla collection… hope I didn’t left out any of them ^^ Anyway, have to make a few statement here regarding my gallery work these few days:

First, I must say sorry for taking so long time to complete my gallery here.

Second, I must say sorry for some blur pictures.

Third, I must say sorry as the pictures are getting less and less in the gallery.

Lastly, I must say thank you for viewing and feel free to give any comment.

As stated in my third statement, some of the Gundam I just shoot a few pics from a single pose rather than multiple pose. There is a reason behind this. This is because when I take back the kits and try to play with them… as you might guess it, some of them actually break up. This is especially serious on kits with lots of gimmick which is hold by tiny pieces of plastic.

I do know that plastic will degrade as time goes by. They will become brittle and fragile. But if that’s really the case, then those gimmick were end up made for nothing as you can only play it when it is still new. Or do I really need to give all my Gunpla “warm up exercise” on their joints and gimmick everyday to keep them workable? Is really sad… and painful to my heart T.T some of the victims are Hi-v Gundam MG, Astray Blue Frame 1/100, Arios Gundam and a few more. Therefore I choose not to pose the rest of my Gunpla fancily as I afraid that same things might happen again.

I do check each and every of them… besides gimmick get stuck, some kits also end up their joints become much tighter and harder to pose. And not to mention those tiny parts that holds all the gimmick together are so vulnerable to stress and strain and can easily break, furthermore they are fragile due to “aging”. Start to wonder do I have to pose my Gundam at only one pose and keep it as it is forever to avoid any damage on it… I paid so much for the MG kits and still they are giving such problems… sigh…

All kits were fixed with cement, but gimmick no longer functional. Highly playable kit… this is what we always desired… and now had become a nightmare to me… maybe I should think all over again on my Gunpla hobby? Haha… it seems like I’, feeling a bit moody now. Anyway, enjoy the gallery and sorry for this looong post!

Update: Reviews and Gallery!

Yup… FINALLY… Reviews for ReZEL and 00 Gundam Seven Sword is up… and follow by the update of the Gallery page. This is the best I can do currently for the Gallery section… hope you guys will like it. Will continue to update the gallery when I got free time to spare ^.^ Till then, enjoy browsing…

Review: ReZEL (Commander Type) 1/144 HGUC

Complete transformation from MS to MA mode… detail stickers provided… what else do you expect from this HG kit? The only complain I can think about is this kit need to use the Gundam Action Base which is used by 1/100 scaled model… those HG type Gundam Action Base cannot be use to pose this model as this is a rather huge HG kit.

In terms of build… overall this is a very nice model with extremely accurate color scheme… you only need to do some minor painting of gray, black and white. However, the nubs are quite visible at most of the place… so by just scratch build it, it will not look good 😦 Anyway, I’m too lazy to work any harder on it, so just leave it as it is 🙂

To sum things up, nice kit with great articulation and the transformation of it is simple. It looks great in both MS and MA mode. A very well balance kit in terms of design. However, the joints around the knee is a little weak, so make sure it is steadily pose, if not the heavy back pack may cause the kit to tremble backwards.

Review: 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G 1/144 HG

Completed this kit finally… a pretty “BIG HIT” when it was released back then… finally I got a chance to own it and get it done. Well, to be honest, I’m one of those who can’t wait for it to be release, but in the end, I must say this kit didn’t really meet what I have expect from it. It’s not to say this kit is poorly build, but there are rooms of improvement which BANDAI should really look into.

Generally you’ll get the 00 Gundam with only a different knee armor. Next, you’ll get two new GN Sword II, two GN Katar, the GN Sword II Blaster and GN Buster Sword II. There’s nothing much to coplain about the 00 Gundam as it is the same with the previous kit, so expect the same part needed to be colored in yellow, clear red and gray. The posing ability is no doubt one of the best in HG models, so let’s move on to the new parts.

Weapons alone, they are nicely build with pretty much details. However, there are a few problems which I’m facing. First, the GN Sword II Buster is kind of loose when attach to the GN Drive. Next, the shorter GN Sword II is a bit weird on the joint between the two pieces of blade… I wonder you get what I mean or not… because the blade can extend out with the wire, so it is made of two parts. But there isn’t any physical joint or parts which attach them together. You just “put” the blade together and that’s it… it can easily “deform” from it’s sword form… and finally, the GN Buster Sword II and GN Katar… their handles are too thin, ended up a loose grip of weapon when holding them. The worst is for GN Katar as the weapon will slide as it like due to the loose grip… BANDAI should have design the handle to be identical with the size of the gap on the hand so that weapons can be hold firmly…

Well, all in all, this is a nice kit. But the problems addressed had added some disappointment to it. I don’t think that it should be blame to the reason where it is a HG kit… BANDAI should really look into issues like these as it really annoys us.

Update: Busy… Busy…

Back from my vacation on Monday, but had been busy with interview for my job… anyway, my 00 Gundam Seven Sword is already completed. Now moving on to ReZel… The review will be post up after I snap some picture of it. Besides that, one more week of freedom and I will start my working life as had been confirmed a place in a company… T.T will have less time for Custom Work I guess… so stick with my scratch build first… and I’m running out of space in my room as well to pose all of them. Haha… the review should up by tonight or tomorrow for both of the kits I guess. So, till then, take care and enjoy your Gunpla!