Coming Project

Update: Planning in progress

Currently decided to start from Exia R2… places to modify will be the head, shoulder, leg thruster, knee, waist, and the GN Sword…

Planned to add in something like 00 Qan[T] here into the model… honestly actually I had thought of something similar and I was surprise that it turn out that what’s on my mind is similar to the 00 Qan[T] design… anyway, the leg thruster, the new side unit with swords and the head will be used as a reference… I plan to use the XN-Raiser kit from Hobby Japan as well… and I may sacrifice some of my old Gundam if I don’t have enough parts to work on ^^

Color scheme will be something like the rollout exia, but I will focus on Black, Dark grey, light grey and silver… that is what I have in my mind… not sure will it look nice or not… still planning and planning… and since this is my first time, a lot of uncertainties here and there… not sure how far my skill can go… just hope that I can manage to get things done without any big trouble.

And by the way, since I’m a Malaysian… Malaysia 2010 Gundam Modelling Competition is ready to fire up! entry is around May and June will be the display and prize giving… I definitely will miss out the competition date… and I don’t think my skill is ready for any competition yet… hopefully maybe next year I can get myself to enter to the ring and battle with others? Haha… well, time to stop dreaming and back to reality.

Update: Base Gundam Decided

Well, decided to modify my 1st Gundam starting from a Gundam Exia HG or Gundam Exia R2 HG… futher detail are yet to be decided as currently I am so damn busy with my studies…

Well, I love Exia very much indeed ^^ some update on the coming items…

Not really a big fan of this kit… so will see how well it is before I decide whether to buy it or not. Release in April.

MEGA size GUNDAM! Not in my wish list as well… I prefer to get the HG 30th anniversary version instead. Nothing special for this kit besides BIG ^^

This is also not in my wish list… the price will definitely be freaking expansive. March release.

Feel like getting this Mobile Pod Ball Ver.Ka Clear parts campaign version… Already released.

Update: More items stocked up

Yup… more materials were stocked up… masking tape, metal plate for mixing purpose, white surfacer 1000, thinner and 0.5mm pla plate. There are still a few more items to get into my hand before I’m fully ready to start my project… and if you do remember clearly, it will only begin in May… haha… because my holidays were ended and I need to start my study and my semester will only end in May… well, hope I can put up some draft of my sketches if I’m able to get hold a scanner… anyway, I’m really looking forward to sharpen my modelling skills now!

For those who will have time to model your Gundam, good luck and all the best!

Update: Material purchased

Yup… bought some material which I hope will be useful for my 1st custom made model. Won’t be doing a scratch build all by myself, will start from a HG model as a base and modify from it using pla-plate and etc. Wonder what should I start with… anyway, these are the things I bought: putty, sand paper, cement, gundam markers and spray can. Still need to stock up some masking tape and pla-plate… well, although many shopping is on the way, but I have to wait until around May only have the time to start my work on it… haha… so meanwhile just get the material and start to plan about it.

As I’m new to custom made Gundam… everyone who have any experience in using these materials or experience in custom making Gundam please feel free to give me some guides and hints as it will be very help full to me!

Coming Project

Gundam Exia MG and 00 Raiser PG… HERE I COME!

Coming Project

Yup… more and more to come… currently working on my Gundam Exia Ignition Mode MG… and these kits are already in my hand and waiting to be assemble! Busy busy…

Coming Project

Just bought Cherudium GNHW/R HG, Gale Strike Gundam 1/100 and Gundam Exia Ignition Mode MG. Most probably will kick start with the Cherudium first before I want to try and put some effect on the Exia and currently I haven’t buy the materials I needed yet… will post all the pictures once they are set and done!