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Coming Soon: 1.5 Gundam 1/144 HG

I just love the color scheme and design of this boy… will definitely get one for my collection ^^

May release.


Review: Wing Gundam 1/100 MG

Well, not planning to get this kit yet. Maybe in future I will, but not now. Anyway, it is finally released today and I must say the model is very well made. But a little disappointment about it is the lack of details inner frame… kinda miss those inner frame with great details which is so popular last time around. Nowadays BANDAI seems to have given less attention to it and more towards the posing ability and etc. Anyway, judging from all the scratch build pictures, runners and booklet… I can say this kit score 9 out of 10… haha… should have been 10 out of 10, but the 1 point deducted due to the reason that I don’t really like the box art ^^ check out the box in the Box Preview column, and here are some links to the review of scratch build taken from Ngee Khiong.

Review: Gundam Astraea Type-F 1/144 HG

Well, the much anticipated model had finally arrived… not planning to buy this kit, but I will review it from the pictures of runners and the booklet. Overall, the color is matching reasonably well… only certain parts such at parts with light brown around the waist, shoulder and etc need to be painted or treated with the foil sticker provided. The new weapon series seems decently made, the GN Hammer (is it? well, I’m talking about the ball shaped weapon here) is given in clear green parts too.

Same with the 1/100 model, you have to select which “face” you want to use, either the Gundam face or the Masked face. I believe the mask is given as clear green parts from my observation… if it really comes in clear green parts then you’ll need to paint it to clear black instead. The Gundam face need some painting job too for the yellow parts, however foil sticker is included too. Same goes to the mouth area. For 1/100 model the part is readily in clear black part. Anyway, the GN power cable will all be foil stickers… yes, no more soft rubber extra parts from BANDAI this time… this is a bit of a down side for this kit as the foil sticker definitely won’t look as realistic as the rubber parts.

Another good thing about this kit is the beam saber is provided in the clear parts. Yup, this is something missing in Exia HG. Besides that, since it use most of the runners from Exia HG… I believe you will get those GN Sword and other parts from Exia as well… so you can really play around with those extra parts with your Astraea to do something different. So… by just judging from the runners and the booklet I read… I think this kit worth… hmm… maybe 8.5 out of 10? Since I got the 1/100 version, so this HG is nothing much special for me. But for those who don’t have this kit yet, I will recommend you to get this into your collection ^^

Gundam… A to Z

Tried to compile a list from A to Z which name all the Gundams… too free and got nothing to do… haha… here’s the list I made so far:

A for Acguy

B for Ball

C for Crossbone Gundam

D for Double O Raiser

E for Enact

F for Freedom Gundam

G for GM

H for Hyaku-shiki

I for Infinite Justice Gundam

J for Jagd Doga

K for Kshatriya

L for Legend Gundam

M for Masurao

N for Nemo

O for O Gundam

P for Providence Gundam

Q for Qubeley

R for RX78 Gundam

S for Stargazer Gundam

T for Turn A Gundam

U for Unicorn Gundam

V for Victory Gundam

W for Wing Gundam

X for XN Riaser

Y for ?

Z for Zeta Gundam

Ok, having trouble with E, X and Y actually… been trying to put it those big names in Gundam series… you might suggest E for Exia, but because Exia official name is “Gundam Exia”, so I assume it is start with “G” rather than “E”… in the end I put the not so famous Enact in… and XN Raiser for X… and Y… I still can’t figure out any Gundam with the name of “Y”!! Please help me!!

Actually having my final exams now… will end around early May and will start my custom project once I’m back home… not sure yet when will it be but it will be either mid of May or end of May. Few months didn’t touch any Gunpla and my hand is getting itchy now to grab some of them. Haha… For those who still busy modelling, good luck in your work!

Review: Gundam X 1/144 HGAW

The highly anticipated Gundam X has finally released today… well, I personally not planning to get this kit yet. Don’t really have enough feeling and emotion in it yet to include it in my collection… haha… anyway, it doesn’t mean that I won’t get it in the future, as this kit really is amazing in many aspects. The posing ability… the wide moving angle of joints… the variety of gadgets and armaments included just made this a great model to kick start the whole new HG series for BANDAI. In terms of articulation, runners, color parts distribution… I must say that this kit is really very well made and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it very much! Judging from the pictures available and some quick review online… I would say this kit rates 9/10… well, not sure how will I rate it if I manage to get hold on the real thing but from all the sources available it seems promising for this kit to be the big hit.

Update: New theme and layout

Yeah… been talking that I will change it yesterday… I thought that I won’t change it yet because there are something else to do but ended up I didn’t do what I suppose to do and in the end completed the renovation of my blog ^^ haha… anyway, kinda like the new theme… and yeah, I restructure how everything used to be… now you can access “Review” and “Gallery” directly from the page bookmark on top… together there is a “Modelling Guide” page too. The Gallery page is still empty currently… will only be updated when I’m back home which is around end of May. The categories on the right had been simplified… no more tedious tagging…

Well, wonder how you guys think about the new page… hope you guys will like it. Meanwhile, have to get back to settle what I should have settled… T.T going to get busy with my exam… but at the same time will be glad because once exam ended it will be holiday! Means I can finally go home and start off my Exia Custom Project… I’m looking forward to it very much.

Update: April

Currently awaits for exam to come… this month I will try to update and change the layout and theme of the website… so if you found out something is not right with my website please don’t be afraid ^^ will try to restructure everything into order when I got the time to do so while meanwhile I still have to focus on my study.

Recently don’t really have any new items that interest me… it is a good news so I can continue with those “old kit” such as sinanju, astray blue and red frame etc by the time I’m free… which is around end of May… and no need to worry about getting new one and stocking up old one… and of course the custom Exia will be my first priority in work.

Anyway, coming soon this April… Gundam X HG, Astraea Type F HG and Wing Gundam MG…none in my wishlist yet. Will see how the exact kit will look like before decide.