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Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 3 “Specter of Laplace”

機動戦士ガンダムUC episode3「ラプラスの亡霊

5th March 2011 release.

Coming Soon: Hyaku shiki (GPB Color) HGUC

December release, 1260 yen.

Coming Soon: Some updated scans for coming releases

ReZEL MG Commander Type

January 2011 release, 5000 yen.

00 Qan[T] MG

November 2010 release, 4500 yen.

Nobel Gundam HGUC

January 2011 release, 1500 yen.

GM Custom HGUC – January 2011 release, 1300 yen

Gundam X Divider HGAW – December release, 2000 yen

Forever Gundam HG – January 2011 release, 2000 yen

Coming Soon: Metal Build 1/100 00 Gundam Seven Sword

New image for this kit… March 2011 release, 13800 yen.

Report: Infinite Justice Gundam Unlimited Mode 1/100 NG

Finally, here’s a more detail report on my custom made project: the concept is simple, Infinite Justice is well known with it’s slim and yet energetic design, therefore I would like to try to emphasize on this point. In the end, I decided to throw the whole flyer backpack away as it gives a “bulky” feel. Now the kit looks really slim… but a little empty. Therefore I decided to build a backpack for it and also some new armaments to bulk it up a little, and yet still looking slim, sleek and sexy. Anyway, here’s the outcome and I am not sure whether I had reached all my objectives or not… let you decide 🙂

Gundam involved: Infinite Justice Gundam 1/100 NG, Sword Impulse Gundam 1/100 NG, Gundam Astray Red Frame MG, Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/60 PG.

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Tamiya Clear Soft Plastic Beams (round 3mm), Diamond file, 2.5mm Drill, craft knife, cutter, clear plastic sheet.

Paint and etc: Gundam Marker Black, Gundam Panel Liner Black and gray, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (Metal Black, Light Gun metal, light gray)

Here are all the extra accessories I had included for this baby… ignore the rifle grip at the bottom as it is not suppose to be in here ^^ anyway, full range of beam effect parts are all here… at first I thought of changing the red clear parts into clear green… but my bottle paint is a little too old and the paint inside is not that good condition anymore, so I decided to stay original…

Attached the thruster from the original flyer backpack…

and added two more thrusters… the middle one is the original thruster

Here’s the gigantic sword I made from Sword Impulse’s sword + Astray Blue Frame’s handle

Details from the top…

I believe the changes I’d made are quite obvious and nothing much need to say about it as well… previous posting has also some info and pictures on it… so let’s move on to some posing shoots…

Overall, I must say I’m satisfy with this babe… although there are still a whole lot of room to improve on my skills… anyway, glad that it is done and the next Gunpla that I will make… hmm… probably have to wait for maybe a month or so as I am busy with my wok now… everyday… will still try my best to squeeze some time for Gunpla. So, here’s the gallery and till then, take care everyone and have fun with your Gunpla ^^

Update: WIP Finally done…

Before I get stuck with my work loads starting next week… I’m glad that I manage to get this boy done… finally… after dragging for such a long time. Anyway, as usual there are some seam lines that I failed to cover them totally… sigh… and many flaws here and there… anyway, like the color scheme pretty much. Honestly, had been a little lazy because as getting closer to the end, less modification was made… haha… still thinking of a name for it, this is not the review yet, just a sneak preview of it… full gallery will be posted as soon as possible.

Decided to go for unsymmetrical design half way… because worry that the extra part on the left shoulder will block the movement of the shield.

Remains clean with little extra panel line as this is what I would imagine for Infinite Justice…

The suppose-to-be-on-top-of-chest beam cannon was attached on the shield because I decided to throw the rifle away… this is the only long range weapon.

Looks familiar with this thruster? The whole back pack was rebuild… added thruster for shoulder armor as well

The rear view… holes are on the arms to create “expose inner frame” feeling…

The head modification…

Added a blade here… opened a hole above the leg thruster to expose inner detail

Saw this dagger before somewhere?

Update: ReZEL 1/100 MG Preview

Already released. Here’s a preview done by someone else.

Should I get this one? Hmm…