Report: Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Custom 1/144 HG

Well… even though is a “Custom”, actually nothing is changed besides the color scheme. This kit is not what I want to add into my collection after all, but thinking of to clear off my remaining metallic green paint left from my Astray Green Frame Custom… I decided to go for this kit ^^ anyway, in the end the green spray was not enough as you can see the knee psycho frame is in Gold instead… haha…

At first thought of want to pla plate this kit to make it bulkier… but in the end decided to leave it as it is and go for weathering… to be precise is “used” Gundam. I hope the picture can somehow show some detail as I can’t really control the lighting well to show clearly the “used effect” I put on this kit… the method is the same with what I done for Exia Repair MG… you can browse the Modelling Guide tab above for more information 🙂

Although Unicorn Gundam Unicorn Mode HG and Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka MG were already within my collection, I will still give a brief review on this kit here. Overall very nice build with all details of the psycho frame being highlighted in such a small scale… oh boy, I can smell a RG Unicorn coming… haha… posing ability is great considering that this is just a HG kit, the only thing I want to comment about will be the absence of BEAM SABER CLEAR PARTS and the lack of display stand. I was really shock when I found out no beam saber clear part for this kit… sigh… anyway, if you are scratch building this kit, nothing to worry you except the color scheme of the beam rifle and the clear parts beside the neck is out of specification.

So, back to what I had done on this kit. Beside giving a “used” treatment on all the parts surface, I’d also work out some dry brushing with silver paint on some of the area. The color scheme I’m using is white (original plastic color), Gold (Gundam Marker), metallic green (tamiya spray can), metal black (Mr.Color spray can 78), silver (tamiya marker) and Gundam Marker real touch black and gray (for “used” effect). After all the painting job, just top coat it flat and I’m done.

All in all, nice kit to be added to your collection if you found the price for MG is heavy for you. Hope you like my “rushing work + silly paint job + poor modeling skill + shitty photography skill” custom made here… haha… oh yes, feel free to browse the gallery. Thank you.

5 responses

  1. Nice! That looks like the green I used for mine xD

    September 18, 2010 at 9:34 pm

  2. Marx-Taich0u

    Ah, yes..same reaction.. NO BEAM SABERS I AM DISAPPOINT (屮゚Д゚)

    It’s a lovely kit tho, I have to agree. So many parts..D: Makes me wonder how I would fair with MGs and PGs D:

    ..wanted to ask tho. Did you do anything to the arm joints? I found them reaaally irritating, as when I try to pose them they tend to fall off and stuff D:

    September 21, 2010 at 11:27 am

  3. Arm joint… I did nothing on it… did it get loose easily? Mine is so far still functioning well…

    this kit arm joint is slightly different from other HG kit, more like the arm joint of Zeta MG, extra movable area for the joint.

    September 21, 2010 at 9:25 pm

  4. Marx-Taich0u

    Yeah, it gets loose easily whenever I try to move it. The leg joints were also a bit loose and would move almost freely back and forth. Guess I got a bad kit. D:

    September 25, 2010 at 3:15 am

  5. Hmm… apply a bit of super glue on the joint, let it dry then only you assemble them together might solve the issue… or you just stick a few layers of masking tape to give it a tighter joint connection…

    September 25, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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