Still Alive

Yes, I’m still alive. Currently working in Dubai, that’s why there isn’t any Gunpla update from me. Anyway, there isn’t much “big news” to talk about regarding Gunpla recently, other than the rather disappointing anime release of Gundam Age… Well, it is not my kind of Gunpla anime, but the Gundam Age Normal is quite a nice looking kit to be honest. Other than that, expect a series of SEED wave back into action in near future… as the HG remake has already been released… I believe some MG are on their way as well… BANDAI will not waste the Strike Gundam Frame from being utilized for other kit… well, Duel Gundam is on it’s way already… The only “wow” would be the “official” debut of Unicorn Gundam Bansee…yup, looking forward for it, and the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam release as well.


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