Report: GN-X-1.5 Custom 1/144 HG

Yup… finally get it done (in a rush) after a long delay… anyway, the name GN-X-1.5 denotes the color scheme from 1.5 Gundam… which is purple and white. At first I thought of using orange or so, but in the end decided to go for purple instead.

Gundam involved: GN-X HG, 00Q Full Saber Kit

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Diamond file, craft knife, cutter.

Paint and etc: Gundam Panel Liner Black and gray, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Tamiya X-27 clear red, Mr. Color Spray Can (light gray) and Tamiya spray can (light gun metal, purple).

Overall, nothing huge and special… just do the basic sanding and removing seam line, but still my skill is not that good yet… manage to get rid for… only about 70-80% seam lines… anyway, there are great improvement compare to what I had done previously. Some noticeable changes are the extra hole on the knee, re-position the chest V-fin to rear shoulder, addition of Full Saber to the right arm and some pla-plate or thrusters addition here and there.

Main objective is still to remain this kit nice, simple and clean. Well, overall satisfied with the kit, especially like the clear red effect on the GN-Drive and head. And I always wanted to get rid of the V-fin from the chest… Seems like I had been doing a lot of unsymmetrical Gundam recently… haha… hope you will like this kit. For more pictures, visit the gallery here.

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