Report: Gundam Astray Green Frame Close Combat Ver. 1/100 NG

It’s been a long whole month… and finally it is done! Although there are many other things which I wish to do on this kit, but due to many reasons… I’d decided to skip them. Still there are a whole lot of room for improvement, but for now, this is what I had done and hope you guys will like it.

Gundam involved: Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L 1/100, Gundam Astray Red Frame HG, Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom 1/100 MG, Gundam Astray Red Frame 1/60 PG.

Tools and materials: Pla-plate, gloves, mask, Tamiya Putty White, Tamiya Finishing Abrasive P400, P800 & P2000, Mr, Cement, Tamiya Clear Soft Plastic Beams (round 3mm), Diamond file, 2.5mm Drill, craft knife, cutter, clear plastic sheet.

Paint and etc: Gundam Marker Black & Gold, Gundam Panel Liner Black, Mr. Color Thinner, Masking tape, Mr. Super Clear (semi gloss), Mr White Surfacer 1000, Tamiya Paint Marker X-11 Chrome Silver, Mr. Color Spray Can (Metallic Green, Steel, Light Gray, Black)

For the Red Frame MG and PG, a few pieces of their clear parts were used in order to boost up my kit here, while the base kit is actually the NG 1/100 Blue Frame. And here’s the final product…

First Form…

Second Form…

Here’s a brief introduction towards the modification I’d done. First, the head. Nothing major here except throwing the skirting around the cheek and added a panel line on the side of the head.

Next, the body actually got no major modification, just from change in color scheme. For the shoulder, I would say this is the most obvious changed part throughout the kit. The skirting close to the body is thrown away, follow by the top plate and rear plate. In exchange, the thrusters on the sword were moved here, besides adding some pla-plate and also some extra pieces of plastic to bold up the shoulder.

Nothing major for the arms as well. Just change in color scheme. As for the waist, the only noticeable change will be the shift of the dagger from leg to the waist. Besides that, the black skirting at the back was cut short on both left and right side to accommodate the  present of the dagger. The black skirting also modified with extra piping. As for the backpack, you can see from the picture above that I had thrown away the sword supporting part and replaced with the new part I get from Astray Red Frame HG. This will allow smooth movement for the sword when it is attached to the back in Second form.

For the leg… some extra pieces were attached to it to make it look bulker, and I had thrown the existing part below the knee and replaced with silver piping. Other than that, the original hidden dagger under the leg was replaced with beam saber. The front skirting for the ankle was thrown away as well.

Well, last but not least, the sword. Just break it into two separate pieces and that’s it. Refined with some pla-plate and added new joint to allow it to attach to the arms.

Well, I guess I had more or less wrapped up the modification project. Well, you will get a better idea on it if you can compare it with a 1/100 NG Blue Frame, but sadly I’d forgotten to take picture of it before my conversion… sorry for that. Anyway, feel free to browse more pictures in the gallery and till then, I have to take some rest first as I’m not really feeling well these few days… T.T still there are many flaws which you can observe clearly through the pictures, will do my best to work better next time. Meanwhile, hope you guys enjoy some pictures here.

4 responses

  1. Marx-Taich0u

    WOAH! That’s one badass Astray! The color scheme is definitely a sight to behold, as green isn’t something common in the Gundam universe. ^^; I see you totally ditched the gatling gun in the sword and turned it into semi-Exia swords that move like a switchblade. Looks pretty sweet, and very practical as well. Brilliant piece of work dude. Just brilliant. ^^b

    How’d you manage to connect the swords and the arms with pla-plate tho? I’m interested in how you did it, as it looks pretty loose from the picture, but I doubt you’d go with an idea with that drawback. ^^

    August 23, 2010 at 6:54 am

  2. Thanks for the compliment ^^

    The sword is connected to the arms through a plastic tube with 3mm in size. The arms have a hole for you to plug in anything with the size of 3mm originally, so I just utilize it. Drill a hole on the sword, plug the tube and it is done. Nothing loose there. But I should have sand the joint on the sword even smaller in order to fit in to the arms… my mistake >.<

    I do thought of adding the Gatling Gun to a shield (something like the Unicorn Gundam), however I faced many issue in securing the shield and therefore I decided to drop it off.

    August 23, 2010 at 6:46 pm

  3. that’s great completed work.

    Astray series is one of the best because you could see the inner frames beside his armor, making him even look stronger.

    August 26, 2010 at 9:24 am

  4. agree with the expose inner frame… really made this kit special ^^

    August 28, 2010 at 3:28 am

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